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GreenCook partner

GreenCook gathers an exclusive and pathbreaking combination of 12 partners from 5 countries of North-West Europe (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom), all aware and ready to give an active contribution to food wastage reduction. Each of these partners brings a unique, targeted expertise and legitimacy, and directly usable know-how :

• Local and regional authorities dealing with waste management and/or prevention : Bruxelles Environnement (Belgium), Artois Comm. (France), AVL(Germany)

• Public authorities managing school canteens and charities : Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais (France)

• A Green Dot organization dealing with food packaging : Fost Plus (Belgium)

• An environmental marketing agency in direct link with E.Leclerc supermarkets : Greentag (France)

• Research institutes : CRIOC (Belgium), University of Stuttgart (Germany), University of Wageningen (the Netherlands)

• Networks of private chefs and cooks : De Proeftuinen (the Netherlands), Sustain (United Kingdom)

Espace Environnement, an acknowledged co-operation organiser, is ready to support the emergence of shared innovative solutions, and recurrent transsectoral discussions.

· A EU project in collaboration with the Abfallverwertungsgesellschaft Ludwigsburg, Germany