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Food deserves Respect

The tomatoes are bruised, the yoghurt expired two days ago and the bread no longer tastes like it did on the first day. It only takes few little spots for food to end up in the bin.

Several tons of fruit, vegetables, bread or other food items are thrown away every year even if they are still edible. We would like to change this. This portal aims to help strengthen the respect and appreciation of food.

Do you also throw away more than you are aware of? With this portal www.respect-food.eu we would like to help you examine your own behaviour regarding food. The throw-away diary supports you in this (This diary will only be available to you after login).

You will also find useful tips and creative ideas here each month for avoiding food wastage.

The most common reasons for food waste (live-animation)

Forgotten in the storage cabinet
50.04% (355.42 kg)
Forgotten in the fridge
10.15% (72.08 kg)
6.62% (47.05 kg)
Food waste (cooked too much)
6.58% (46.72 kg)
improper storage
5.81% (41.30 kg)
Total amount of waste: 710.28 kg

Kitchen scene

ยท A EU project in collaboration with the Abfallverwertungsgesellschaft Ludwigsburg, Germany